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Our Massage, Bodywork, and Energy Medicine Policies

Ethical Conduct is Expected at All Times

The right for refusal may be exercised at any time, if necessary.

Both therapist and client have the right to refuse a treatment, if either person is feeling sick, has a fever, feels uncomfortable or there is any indication of unethical conduct.

Proper hygiene is expected at all times.

Proper hygiene is crucial in maintaining good health and preventing transmission of any disease. Please use good judgment in showering regularly and shaving as needed.

Proper draping procedures are followed at all times.

For fully clothed treatments, comfortable loose clothing is recommended. If undressing is required, then draping is the procedure in which a client is covered by sheet(s) and/or blanket(s) at all times, exposing only the area to be worked on.

24 hours notice is required to accommodate scheduling throughout the day.

Last minute cancellations may incur a cancellation charge, unless rescheduled within a reasonable time period.

Does my insurance policy and/or flexible spending account (FSA), cover massage and bodywork?

Some companies offer a small percentage. It is your responsibility to review your medical benefits package to see what is covered. If massage and bodywork is covered, you may request a receipt for treatment that you may then submit on your own to your insurance company.

All massage, bodywork and energy work sessions in NJ are subject to an additional 7% sales tax.

If you are seeking treatment, then a doctor’s prescription is required to avoid paying sales tax.

It is your responsibility to alert your practitioner of any pre-existing medical conditions and current list of medications.

It is best to obtain your physician's written consent before seeking treatment for a pre-existing or unknown condition. In some cases massage, bodywork and/or energy medicine may be contraindicated. However, if it is advisable, please obtain a prescription with your diagnosis and plan for treatment. A doctor’s consent is recommended, and in some cases may be required, in the presence of abdominal ulcers, rare blood or skin disease, bone fractures, tumors, and/or internal bleeding.

Please refer to these sites for more information: NCTMB Code of Ethics and AMTA Code of Ethics.

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