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Client Testimonials

Client Video Testimonial Montage We recently asked a few of our clients to come in and talk about their experiences they had with our services. The following video is a short excerpt of their testimonials.

Susan Silverstein Kaufman She speaks about her experience at The Rainbow Essence. Client since 2007

“I was amazed at the Eden Energy's easy and works instantly! The techniques I'm practicing every day and will consider continuing with this great healing method. I have people in my office using simple technique of holding their heads in the front and back to help with lady said it helped with her daughter's headache. I am using Donna Eden's Medicine Kit that was graciously given to me and bought one for my son in law too. I told my daughter all about the 101 class and hope she can join in on future classes.” ~Suzanne

"I am a 65 year old man who has been playing golf regularly for about 25 years. I have suffered some injuries the most recent of which has been in my right shoulder/rotator cuff. This has significantly reduced the distance I used to hit the golf ball. One session with Gloria, and I regained the distance and shot my lowest score of the year. I will be back!"~Robert

"My first session with Gloria was nearly a year ago and the progress I’ve made since then has been undeniable. Energy medicine uses the inner-workings of the human body to fight challenges and ailments that our body creates. That considered, in order for the energy work to be influential, the practitioner has to be insightful, willing to listen, and able to think outside the box when it comes to what could be causing the patient’s discomfort. Gloria emits all of those qualities."

"Her comfort level reflects her patient’s comfort level and her only goal is to help her patients in whatever capacity she is able. I personally suffer from an extremely rare genetic condition called FOP (for more info visit which causes muscles, tendons, and ligaments to turn to bone. There are no current treatments or cures for FOP, so many patients just deal with the brutal symptoms for lack of any options. Pharmaceuticals and other medications rarely have any lasting affect and the dosage needed for noticeable improvement is often dangerously high. Gloria’s energy work has given me more relief in a variety of ways than anything I’ve tried in my 23 years. Besides making me feel more alert, relaxed, and generally functional, Gloria’s energy work has undeniably improved muscle tightness and discomfort, stomach issues, stress levels. I find myself looking forward to my session with Gloria and am always curious to see what the results of our next appointment will bring. I’ve worked with countless doctors, physical therapists and other modalities to try and reduce the chronic pain and discomfort that comes with FOP and none have worked as consistently well as Gloria’s energy work. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, sleep or stress issues, have a simple curiosity for trying new things, or you’re at the point where you feel like you’ve tried everything under the sun to improve quality of life, give Gloria and energy work a chance! I have recommended her to multiple friends and family members, all of which have seen her since and all of which have reverberated my praise. "~Ian

"My mother is in her 80’s and has compressed nerves in her lower back. We were told that the only thing that would alleviate the pain was an operation — which was out of the question considering her age. We decided to see if massage would work and brought her to Beth DiMeo at The Rainbow Essence. From the very first session, my mother began to improve. Today she is in far less pain — and she’s walking straighter than ever. Not only is Beth an incredibly talented massage therapist – but she’s an extraordinarily kind and gentle person as well. This is reflected in the beautifully tranquil and serene atmosphere she has created at The Rainbow Essence. We are so grateful to Beth for helping my mom have a better quality of life—constantly working to find the best techniques to help her specific problem —and treating her with such kindness, compassion and dignity."~J. Fritz

"I can not say enough about the healing powers of Beth. No matter the twinge, stress, ache or pain she is always able to provide just the correct balance of essential oils and healing touch to allow you to leave her office refreshed, renewed and revitalized. I highly recommend her to everyone who asks."~Sharon
Wyckoff NJ

"Beth's gift is her ability to be fully present with her clients. She listens deeply and so she knows just what service or type of massage therapy is most beneficial that day. I always leave refreshed." ~Janice Marturano
Executive Director
Institute for Mindful Leadership

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