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Massage, Bodywork, and Energy Medicine)

Our Wellness Approach

We work with you to specifically target your individual health and wellness goals integrating one or more of the following: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pregnancy, Chair Massage, CranioSacral, Reflexology, Raindrop, Shiatsu, Reiki and Energy Medicine. Our clients typically include, but are not limited to athletes, dancers, artists, writers, musicians, health and wellness professionals, office workers, children, adolescents, elderly, learning-disabled, hormonal imbalance, post-chemotherapy, pre and post-surgery, fibromyalgia, TMJ disorder, care-givers, hospital-based and more.

Through repetitive motion, stress, injury, disease, prolonged disuse, trapped cellular memory, or energy blockage or leakage, muscles and connective tissue can become burdened by inflamed tissue or adhesions or blocked from proper blood and lymph supply causing pain and weakness throughout the body. We aim to reduce pain and energy blockages/leakages to increase proper circulation, restore natural range of motion, and promote healthy functioning of all body systems and their subtle energy flows.

We believe self-communication is essential to creating your mind/body connection, allowing you to feel and listen to your body and communicate with the world. Relaxation and stress reduction are of great importance in your healing process. However, we also want to see that you become balanced, energized, aligned and fully resonant with your internal and external environments. Our goal is to connect you to your higher self, ultimately empowering you to achieving your best through greater health and wellness.

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