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Reiki Energy Work

Are you stressed, in pain, or are you simply feeling disconnected in your body and with the outer world? The Japanese term, Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) means "Universal Life Energy". It is not affiliated with any religion or religious practice. It does, however, recognize that we are all composed of energy and energy is all round us.

Reiki is a gentle hands-on or hands-off energy treatment which can help to alleviate stress in the body which is a known to be a major cause of inflammation in the body. This gentle and subtle energy work allows the body to reach a quiet state of inner communication and creates a safe place for self-healing. The client remains fully clothed with the exception of shoes. Little to no pressure is applied and there are no manipulations done. The client will generally reach a deep state of relaxation which helps to relieve pain and stress.

To learn more about Reiki visit the International Association Reiki Practitioners: and/or the International Center for Reiki Training: Reiki is often used in hospital and hospice settings.

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