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Do you like essential oils and the sensation of cooling and heat? If yes, raindrop might be just right for you. This is an excellent treatment for those looking to reduce inflammation in the body, create better spinal alignment, and ease stress and tension in the body. Some people report feeling more balanced emotionally as well.

Raindrop technique was developed by Gary Young, founder of Young Living and is partly based in traditions of the Lakota Indians. The technique includes a unique combination of essential oils that are gently placed like raindrops on the spine and soles of the feet, and in some cases on the shoulders, wrists and other parts of the body. While certain techniques, such as Vitaflex are practiced by strict followers of raindrop technique, others have modified the technique to include Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and/or Reflexology as well as moist hot or cold packs. Typically the entire treatment is performed while the client is laying face-down on the table.

The oils used may include, but are not limited to: V6 Orthoease Valor Basil Thyme Oregano Wintergreen Cypress Marjoram Peppermint AromaSiez PanAway

If you have concerns about allergic reactions (i.e. skin rash), please consult with your doctor or a certified clinical aromatherapist. It is best to obtain your physician's written consent before seeking treatment for a pre-existing or unknown condition.

For information about Young Living oils or Young Living products, you visit their website at For information on ordering products, please contact us.

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