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Reflexology is an excellent choice for achieving general health and wellness, good circulation and ideal for people who prefer touch on hands, feet or ears only and prefer to remain fully clothed.

Reflexology is a form of bodywork that focuses on activation techniques for reflex areas on the feet, hands and ears as well as general bodywork relaxation techniques. Reflexology is done primarily through thumb-walking and often includes some gentle stretching. Pressure applied through thumbwalking may be light, medium or deep. There are many reflexes in the hands, feet and ears, including those which correspond to respiratory, lymphatic, integumentary (skin), digestive, urinary, endocrine (hormonal), nervous, reproductive, and musculoskeletal systems as well as the sinuses. While lotions or oils are not necessary for reflexology, they may be incorporated in conjunction with an integrated approach of massage and reflexology.

In cases of gout or other inflammatory conditions, care must be taken not to exacerbate the condition. It is best to obtain your physician's written consent before seeking treatment for a pre-existing or unknown condition.

For information on the Ingham method of Reflexology you may contact the International Institute for Reflexology or visit their website at

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