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Performance-Based Sports Massage

Sports Massage is aimed at helping individuals play and perform their best. Sports Massage is also applicable to musicians and dancers. Primary goals of Sports Massage are to prevent injury and promote fast recovery of fatigued muscles and joints and ligaments. It is typically a combination of both Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage techniques with a general focus on the areas of the body which are involved in a particular sport or event. Pre-event massage is treated differently from Post-event massage. While Pre-event is aimed at warming up the muscles tissues and increasing overall flexibility, Post-event massage is focused on reducing muscle fatigue and promoting faster recovery. Stretching may also be incorporated.

While golfers tend to need back and arms worked, runners tend to focus on thighs, calves and feet. Swimmers typically need more neck and chest work, while soccer players may need more hip and knee work. As an athlete it is important to take extra care of those areas that are repetitively worked, however, it is equally important to take care of the whole body and as such, other forms of treatment may be advisable.

Musicians are just like athletes in the way that they use particular groups of muscles based on the type of instrument they play. Violinists may need neck, shoulder, upper back and arms, while a woodwind instrument may need more low back, abdominal and chest work. In addition to massage, bodywork such as Reflexology, Shiatsu and Craniosacral may be advised and or incorporated. Energy work such as Energy Medicine and Reiki are also great ways to prepare for and recover from performance based activities

A combination of one or more of the following may be used during the massage: Creams, lotions, oils, and moist heat or cold packs. Please visit and /or for information on which products may be incorporated.

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